Welcome To Tuning Up Life

The longer we take to do that thing that we’ve been putting off, the more time we have to worry about doing it. I think  they invented automatic bill payments just for me.  I don’t like keeping up with when bills are due. But I’d worry about paying bills late. I’d look at a bill, make [...]

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In Other Words…

October 22, 2014

Does My Life Look Fat in This Dress? Say you ask someone’s opinion on something and the reply is, “Do you want the truth or a lie?” In other words, they’re saying you probably wont like their opinion. I hope it’s at least a little difficult to tell someone you love something that may hurt their feelings, or dimmer [...]

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It’s Not Mine…

October 21, 2014

I love helping people see things from a different perspective because there’s always more beneath what the physical eye can see. We are conditioned to see the negative side of things quickly. If you watch any kind of news show, you have to agree that it is dominated by negativity. If we only relied on the news alone to [...]

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Make It Easy

October 20, 2014

Some people try to fix stuff with the WRONG TOOLS. When I can’t find a screwdriver I will use a table knife.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but one thing for sure is that when I use the wrong tool for a job it takes longer, and it’s harder. Many of us are familiar with tools [...]

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