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For Better or Worse

January 24, 2014

Sometimes when we’re going through some difficult ‘life stuff’, we are more sensitive to negativity. Even folks who practice personal growth can lose focus on what we want, and fall into victim mentality.  What I find helpful when faced with messy life, is to look at what’s right in my life, in the moment.   My [...]

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Do you love what you feel when you look into the mirror? Do you love the way you’re earning your living? Do you love what you see when you look around your home? Do you love the energy in your relationships with family and friends? Do you love how you spend your time away from [...]

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What Keeps You Going?

January 22, 2014

When your dream is off the beaten trail, you may not receive the well wishes of your friends and family. Taking big steps, like moving to another country, or deciding to go with an alternative form of treatment for cancer, or investing your life savings in a start-up venture, are big changes that can easily [...]

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Have you ever had a speck of grit or an eyelash in your eye? It hurts right, and all we want to do is get it out, and we won’t rest until we get it out. This is how small events can play out in our lives also. We tell the story of an unsettling [...]

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