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Are You Doing Your Part?

February 23, 2014

I asked my friend, - ”Why Is It That We Don’t Do What We Know We Should Do? She said because we want somebody to do it for us, to rescue us, to make it easy. We both laughed because it’s true a lot of times. We just sit and wish somebody would take care of [...]

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How Will You Grow Today?

September 17, 2014

Something special happened today. You woke up.  You are given yet another opportunity to enjoy life more. I’m a personal trainer and I spend a lot of time in the gym.  Over the last years there’s a gentleman who apparently had a stroke that caught my attention.  His left side was severely impacted, and yet, [...]

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A good friend commented that I hadn’t wrote any post since January 2014. I immediately listed the many reasons for not writing posts: - family illness - traveling - hospitals - classes - children And they sounded like good excuses- EXCEPT that while I was on a Forty Day Plan during this same period of [...]

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For Better or Worse

January 24, 2014

Sometimes when we’re going through some difficult ‘life stuff’, we are more sensitive to negativity. Even folks who practice personal growth can lose focus on what we want, and fall into victim mentality.  What I find helpful when faced with messy life, is to look at what’s right in my life, in the moment.   My [...]

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