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Tuning Up Life – Life Coach

It’s All Good

by RegennaL on January 24, 2016

On December 16, 2015 I committed to take specific actions – every single day, no matter what – and I did it. Today is day 40 of another personal Forty Day Plan. I’ve been doing  Forty Day Plans for eight years now and you ‘d think it would be easier the closer you get to day […]


It’s On You

by RegennaL on January 23, 2016

Be bold with your desires.  Take a minute and open your thoughts  to your wildest dreams. Imagine, that  in this moment, you’re sitting right in the middle of what you’ve always wanted for your life. How does it feel?  What are you doing?  What are you wearing?  Who’s with you? Dreams fuel desires, and I believe the clearer […]

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It’s A Start

by RegennaL on January 22, 2016

We want certain things to manifest in our life, and sometimes the magnitude of our desires seems out of reach. We ask ourself, “How will I be about to do this, that and the other in my current circumstance?” A constant drip of water can erode a rock over time.  So consider taking a small action that will enhance your […]


The Way Out

by RegennaL on January 21, 2016

The way out is no big secret.  It only requires you change your perspective. I will always look for a way out of misery.  I will always look for ways to make a difficult situation better.  I will always look for a brighter day when facing a dreary night. I cringe when I hear people […]


An Easier Way

by RegennaL on January 20, 2016

I saw a Bill Gates quote that went something like, “I give the hardest work to a lazy person because they will figure out a way to make it easier.” I smile at the thought of a lazy person figuring out an easier way to do something hard.  I’m thinking they’re not lazy at all.  […]


Watch Out!

by RegennaL on January 19, 2016

When you’re on the mission of living life better you will be tested.  You will face obstacles even if you’re not on a mission to live life better,- the difference is in how you deal with obstacles in life. There’s a person whom I love dearly that is fighting cancer – again.  After the initial shock, the response […]


Rest Easy

by RegennaL on January 18, 2016

Rest easy in knowing that your beauty does not go unnoticed.  Your season to bloom is year round.   Show your true colors with ease and grace the world with the one and only  incredible  you. Enjoy the moments my friends. Yours Truly Regenna Life Coach London Creator of The Forty Day Plan


Being Alive

by RegennaL on January 17, 2016

One of my favorite things to do is watch the sun set in the ocean.  The final moments of a sunset go fast,  so I keep my focus on the sky, because I don’t want to miss it.  The closer the sun dips to the sea, the quicker it appears to move, and in an second, […]


It’s Okay

by RegennaL on January 16, 2016

One of my favorite places is Cherry Tree Hill in Barbados, WI.  Imagine driving down a stretch of narrow winding Caribbean countryside.  The road canopy lined, with hundreds of years old Mahoney trees and rainbows of green, short, tall and lush foliage.   I can never see enough of this piece of paradise. You’re cruising along, eyes feasting on the beauty of nature when suddenly  the […]


Ready or Not ….

by RegennaL on January 15, 2016

As a kid, playing hide and seek was one of our favorite games.  When you heard the chant, “Ready or not, here I come”, your opportunity to find the perfect hiding place was over. It was way more fun to be the one who’s hiding, rather than the one who has to find everybody, so when it’s […]


It Matters

by RegennaL on January 14, 2016

What we do right now matters.   In a minute life can change and often does.  You could win the billion dollar lottery. Surely life would change.  Or… you could get a cancer diagnosis – surely life would change. You can find out in a minute or two that you’re going to be a parent- and […]


I’m In

by RegennaL on January 13, 2016

I’m in with all the folks who are grateful for this day.  I’m in with all the folks who see the beauty in seniors dancing.  I’m in with all the folks who will never, ever, give in to the naysayers. I’m in with the folks who choose positivity. I’m in with the light bringers, truth seekers, […]


Take It Easy

by RegennaL on January 12, 2016

I’m all about living life better, and enjoying the now is how I want to live everyday.  I’ve learned to take it easy, and that WAS HARD. I grew up in the country, and my parents worked hard to provide a stable environment for our family.  I so appreciate that now as a mature adult.  […]


It’s Over

by RegennaL on January 11, 2016

Letting go of the past is not as easy as it sounds.  Simply saying things like , “It happened”, “You can’t change the past”, “Go on with your life”, “Get over it”, –  doesn’t make letting go of past negative experiences any easier. And while holding onto the ‘good old days’, seems harmless,  holding onto any memories/experiences […]


Get Yours!

by RegennaL on January 10, 2016

There’s a lot of buzz around the billion dollar lotto, that’s waiting to be won. When the lottery payout gets big, people who normally don’t play the lotto – PLAY THE LOTTO.  Nobody has won yet so each day the payout grows larger, drawing more and more lotto ticket buyers.   Winning a billion dollars will change anyone’s life I […]

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Another Chance

by RegennaL on January 9, 2016

Sometimes we regret taking a certain action,-  “If I could do it all over again I would …”.  Or we regret not taking a certain action.  “I should have done xyz when I had the chance”. It’s a new year and time to let go of could have’s and would haves.  Our past experiences have […]