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Tuning Up Life – Life Coach — Page 2

Chaos to Order

by RegennaL on January 8, 2016

One of my teachers, Martha Burgess Novak introduced me to the concept of “Chaos to Order”,  being the natural order in life. I love order – but right now my living room is in a chaotic state, which I created.  The sofa is full of clothes  that needs to be sorted and given to charities […]


Help Yourself

by RegennaL on January 7, 2016

What matters in the end is how YOU feel about any given thing.  And how YOU feel can change depending on additional information. So it makes sense that the more you know, the more you grow.  As you grow and open to more information, you will see that the way you felt about something in the past, has changed. There […]


It’s Your Time

by RegennaL on January 6, 2016

Can you believe it?  We are six days into 2016 and time is passing.  Stores have already put up valentines decorations and gift choices for your consumption.  Retailers are serious about making use of the limited time between now and February 14th, to accomplish their sales goals. Retailers know that time is a valuable asset.  After February […]


We’re In This Together

by RegennaL on January 5, 2016

The internet has made it possible to connect with humans all over this world and that’s a beautiful thing.  There are lots of people who know that we all play a part in creating the life we live.  And there are lots of people who know that the better we understand our own self, the better it is for […]


Winning Life

by RegennaL on January 4, 2016

When I was younger (in my 30’s) my perception of winning life – of being successful was based on few things: 1: How much money I made. 2: The type of home I lived in. 3: The type of car I drove. 4: My physical appearance. 5: Relationships 6: Career/Job   My focus before was […]


Flow With It!

by RegennaL on January 3, 2016

I’m finding it easier than ever to go with the flow.  I’ve noticed too many times how life works itself out without my worrying, and being upset.  Not saying I’m never upset or worrying – just saying, more and more I go with the flow. I make a plan. If the steps for my plan get […]

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Let’s Be Honest

by RegennaL on January 2, 2016

The truth is that most people don’t like hearing anything negative about themselves, including me.    Notice I said hearing, because we will say negative things about ourselves and are often our own worst critics.  We say things like, “I’m such a klutz”, “I’m stupid”, “I’m fat”, “Stupid me”, etc. But let someone say hey Regenna…you’re fat, Hey Regenna you’re stupid. […]


What Is Living Life Better?

by RegennaL on January 1, 2016

I believe living life better is enjoying more of what we love to do, feeling more of what we want to feel, and being more of who we really are. So What Do You Love To Do? If you find it difficult to answer this question quickly its important to stop right now and give this some thought. […]


You Can’t Stop the Sun From Shining

by RegennaL on December 31, 2015

It’s another new years eve.  Tonight we will celebrate the beginning of a new year and  make resolutions to live life better in 2016.   It’s important right now to know what better means for you, IF NOT- 2016 may end up being a repeat of 2015. Take some time right now to reflect on what you want for your life, and […]


It’s Gonna Rain

by RegennaL on December 30, 2015

My early morning drive was a little scary this morning due to heavy rain and low visibility. I started to feel nervous and was tensing up as big rigs passed, splashing water everywhere and then I remembered something. I remembered to focus on what I wanted, not what I feared. I wanted to reach my […]


If You Fail

by RegennaL on December 29, 2015

Have you every tried something that you really, really, wanted to do, like lose weight, or find a new job, and wasn’t successful?  The feeling of failure is negative energy, like a current taking you out to sea.  It’s important to know a couple of positive things about failing. 1. Failing means you tried something – and taking action -even the […]


Suit Yourself

by RegennaL on December 28, 2015

I was observing someone very close to me doing something that I thought could be done easier.   I offered my opinion on how I thought they could perform the task, but my suggestion was rejected.  So I replied, “Suit yourself”. Why did I say suit yourself?  I wasn’t angry, and what they were doing didn’t impact […]


Accepting the Unexplainable

by RegennaL on December 27, 2015

The bulbs I planted for spring have already pushed out of the dirt.  They should not be doing this in December.  I also saw one tiny rose has bloomed. Its so perfect that it looks fake.  I have the doors open and fresh air flowing all through the house and this is a first for […]


Looking Forward.

Post image for Looking Forward.

by RegennaL on December 26, 2015

Life happens every day and mostly we follow the same daily routines.  Doing the same old thing is a comfortable, predictable way to exist, even when we’re not satisfied. And when we’re not satisfied – what are we looking forward to? I believe we look forward to Change even when we don’t do anything different. […]

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What Else?

by RegennaL on March 6, 2015

When you’ve done everything to make your situation better – and you’re still not satisfied – What Else Can You Do? Being stuck in life is a dark place to live.  I remember being stuck on a dark snowy back woods country road.  This was before the days of cell phones, plus I wasn’t supposed to be on […]


Did You Order It?

by RegennaL on January 7, 2015

When we go to a restaurant, we order what we want.  But when it comes to life- too many times we let someone else order what kind of life we live.  And Like IT or NOT – We Live It. I attended a performance at a Lebanese restaurant and ordered the vegetarian special.  When it arrived, the only thing I recognized […]