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Personal Training

Personal Training

dumbbells_tulWhy Hire Personal Trainer?

I didn’t think I needed a trainer because I didn’t fully understand what a personal trainer did.  I pictured a big buff guy making me do a lot of hard work and whipping me into shape.

I don’t like pain, and to pay for someone to work me out…well I wasn’t convinced of the value.


I own lots of VCR workout tapes  and DVD workouts,  most of it cardio/aerobic based.  And I’ve belonged to a gym off and on for over twenty years.  Throughout my life I have tried too many diets to name here including a 21 day liquid fast.

I measured my fitness SUCCESS or FAILURE by the numbers on the SCALE, so even when I thought about hiring a trainer, it was still about how much weight I could lose.



The weight loss industry generated $55 billion dollars globally in 2010.

That’s a lot of money!

People all over the world want to lose weight so commercials dangle easy weight loss solutions, and people all over the globe BUY the LIE WRAPPED UP INSIDE  the TRUTH.

The truth is you can take appetite suppressants and  lose weight.  You can jump up on many types of equipment (even running up and down stairs) and lose weight.  You can eat little to nothing …and lose weight.

Weight loss does not mean you will achieve the beautifully sculpted bodies shown in advertisements with the latest greatest “Weight Loss Magic Bullet” of the moment.

SO YES THE NUMBERS ON THE SCALE MAY sexyLies_TULDECREASE – but  weight loss does not equal BEING HEALTHY, FIT and TONED.

When we believe a lie -especially when it’s wrapped in truth, it’s hard to break that belief.

That’s just how the mind works.  Advertisers  understand this concept.  This is how the weight loss industry makes billions of dollars every year while obesity rates skyrocket.
Take gym memberships for instance – for the first couple months of the year, memberships soar.  By spring most of the new members have stopped coming yet continue to pay for memberships.

And what about that exercise equipment in our house?   We start out using it and over time it becomes a dust collector.  And all those exercise DVD,s and  VCR tapes I own –  I use some of  the DVD’s a few times during a year for quick no brainer cardio workouts…and VCR tapes – never (why I still keep them I don’t know).

Over the years, I’ve contributed to the billion dollar weight loss industry in many ways and I know I’m not alone.  People tell me this same thing all the time.

Save Time, Money and Enjoy Life More

I’m in my 50’s and I’ve spent lots of time working out and dieting throughout my life so I have lots of experience with what doesn’t work.

I’ve dropped and gained and dropped several sizes over the years and still not been satisfied with how I looked NAKED.

I started working out with trainers about five years ago, but consistently for the last three years.  I’m stronger, more fit than I’ve ever been in my life, and I have more than enough energy to live my active lifestyle.

Working with GOOD trainers allowed me to workout smarter.  I gave more effort to my workouts with a trainer.  With a trainer I was able to pry myself away from the scales and focus on what’s really important – being strong, flexible, and having stamina to live an active lifestyle. (Letting go of the numbers on the scale was really hard.)

FatSkinnYBelt_tulBut most importantly, I learned the truth about fat loss versus weight loss.   

A pound of FAT weighs the SAME as a POUND of MUSCLE.  A pound of FAT takes up MUCH MORE SPACE than a POUND of muscle.

This means that two people can weigh 200 pounds and look drastically different.

Cardio is great for burning fat.  Strength training is great for burning fat and building muscle.  Crash dieting and crash cardio leads to muscle loss and while you may weigh less, instead of being lean and toned, you’ll be thin and saggy.

Eating healthy, doing strength training and cardio CORRECTLY -burns fat and builds muscle and is the KEY to looking good naked.

We can spend hours in the gym, or on the track doing cardio, and we can try all kinds of diets and lose weight.  We can be thin and still not like the way we look in jeans or a bikini, with a growling hungry stomach.

There are trainers whose first commitment is to getting as much of that $55 billion as possible.  I was lucky.  I’ve had great trainers who are dedicated to improving the way people live life by providing the training that includes strength building, cardio, and nutrition tips that bring lasting results.

My formal education in fitness allows me to appreciate the training I received from my peers.  It also helps me identify trainer’s who aren’t so great – One obvious sign – if you’re doing 100 reps of anything – it’s not good training.  Sweating does not equal effective.


Ask what my fitness goals are.
Vary routines so I don’t get bored and my muscles continue to grow.
Continue to study and learn about the industry.
Listen and respect boundaries.
Know when to push and when not to push.
Help me set realistic expectations.
Love Fitness

You can get a gym membership for $10 dollars a month – go for years and not see the results you want.  I’ve seen people move from stair climber to thread mill to stationary bike in one gym visit, and not get results they want.

I’ve witnessed a person desperate to lose weight – eat one meal a day, do hours of cardio – lose weight and eventually gain more weight back than they initially lost.

My goal as a fitness trainer is to provide quality fitness routines that promote strength, endurance, and flexibility for the betterment of our lives.  No tricks or gimmicks.

With a personal trainer, you save time, money and get the results you desire quicker.  Once you learn the correct form, and how many reps, and how many sets, and the many exercises that target what muscle groups, and how much cardio is needed, and when and how to stretch and a few more skills…you will have acquired the tools to keep your body strong for a lifetime if you chose to do so.   Say goodbye to weight loss fads forever and use your money to have more fun!CAM01139

The younger you start a life of fitness-the more time you get to enjoy your body naked!

If you’re interested in working me – I invite you to call or email me right now.
Helping people enjoy life more is what I was born to do and I’d love to share what I know with you.


Thanks for your time and attention!

Regenna London
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Group Fitness Instructor