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It’s Over

It’s Over

by RegennaL on January 11, 2016

Letting go of the past is not as easy as it sounds.  Simply saying things like , “It happened”, “You can’t change the past”, “Go on with your life”, “Get over it”, –  doesn’t make letting go of past negative experiences any easier.

And while holding onto the ‘good old days’, seems harmless,  holding onto any memories/experiences that keep us stuck in the NOW, makes living life better a hard thing to do.

How can you experience a more fulfilling relationship while holding onto  hurt, fear, and loss emotions of a past one?

How can you experience a more fulfilling relationship while secretly waiting and hoping a past lover will return?

Holding onto the past doesn’t allow room for new ways to enhance our lives.  We use the same outdated rules, and roles that don’t fit anymore.  We pass this old outdated information to our children and grandchildren and create generations of people who want more – even if they are not sure what’s lacking.

This is why tuning up our lives is so important.  The world constantly changes and there are many tools and techniques available to help us live life better.  Just think of how much information we have access to when compared to our parents.  When I was growing up, our source of information was home encyclopedias and school library’s.  Now days, most four year olds can handle a cell phone or ipad with ease, so it makes sense, to bring new insight to how we are living life.

Focus on your life and identify any area where you feel any unease.  Then go deeper into understanding why this is a stuck point in your life, and you can do this by just writing about it.  And keep writing about it until you no longer feel the emotional ties and can say with truth and ease that “It’s Over”.

That’s living life better.

Regenna Life Coach London
Creator of The Forty Day Plan


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