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Vision Board

Vision Board

My sister loves putting together jig saw puzzles Life Questionin the 500 piece or above range.
Without the puzzle box top,– the picture of what the puzzle will look like when it is complete,  she assures me that it would  be almost impossible to put the puzzle together.

Many of us live life without a vision, a big picture of what our ideal life looks like – what we want to wake up and do every day for the rest of our life.

We’re busy right?  And it’s easy to become consumed with  making money, paying bills, busy schedules, jobs, relationships, children and social media,… so busy that we can’t think pass our right now experience of surviving.

If the “rest of your life” seems too far away to think about right now…can you at least think about what you want your life to look like in the next five years, or the next five months?

What’s your vision – your big picture for you?

“Visualize this thing you want. See it, feel it, believe in it. Make your mental blueprint and begin.”Robert Collier

If you’d like to see more of what your life can be…your big picture… If you’re willing to dream, I have a great tool for you – A Vision Board.

A Vision Board brings attention and focus to what you envision for your life and can change your life with minimal effort.  A vision board is a simple tool that allows you to express your desires in pictures and words.   To create a vision board you actively seek images and words that represent details of what you desire.
You get to be specific here, because what you see for your big picture is only about you…not about your kids graduating from college or your mate getting a new job or your boss leaving the country.  If you want a new job, a new or better relationship, or house or car, you find pictures and words to reflect your desire.

What Is Better?

Be specific about your goals. We can fill a vision board with money- but money is just a vehicle to get you somewhere else, so if you hit the trillion dollar lotto…what next?  What do you want? Creating a vision board is a fun way to bring clarity to “I want better” and turns it into an achievable goal. When you know what you want…you have a better opportunity of getting what you want.

A vision board transforms your dreams into reality.

My cousin Nancy did a vision board …she said, find me a picture of a fat woman turned skinny, and sure enough I did.  I saw my cousin two months later and she had indeed shed some pounds and at 70 plus years of age, Cousin Nancy was looking great and also had renewed swag to her walk.  A vision board is powerful tool for transformation at any age, and any stage of your life.

A vision board is your box top for your life – a guide for what your desired life will look like.
Once you can see what you want – it’s easier to put the pieces in place to live the life you desire.  Imagine what it feels like to surrender to all of possibilities in life.  My little niece Trenae also loves puzzles.  Once while visiting from out of town, she observed then proceed to “fix” a puzzle… my sister had been working on quite some time, and the area Trenae was fixing was of the sky, with lots of pieces that are the same color.   “That’s wrong, let me fix this for you.” Treane proceeded to fix it –force the pieces her right way.

Always keep in mind that nobody knows better than you- what fits your life.  Nurture your dream and watch it grow.  Trust in yourself to know the path you choose is right for you.

Here’s how you create a Vision Board:
All you need is a pair of scissors, a glue stick, magazines or other printed media Fill with vision board with pictures and encouraging words that represent your completed goal(s).plantingcycle

For example:  If your goal is to grow fruit.  You could have images of seeds, fruits, plants, sunshine, planting tools, …and fields of mature fruits trees …fruit bowls.. apple pies, preserves…

Imagine, cut, paste, draw and create your masterpiece.

Click Here for more examples of vision boards with specific goals.

Knowing what you want in life is one step to living the life you desire and is why vision boarding is an important step in The Forty Day Plan

Without a vision you can only experience what you’ve experienced before. A vision board allows you be specific and being specific helps crystalize the vision.

If you have any doubts about the importance of having a vision for your life, ask yourself this question:
Are you willing to settle for less?

Regenna London
Creator of The Forty Day Plan