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“When I first considered The 40 Day Plan I thought 40 days was a long time to be committed to doing something every day but I’m so glad I did. It became a habit, something I looked forward to rather than a hassle. Keeping a journal about what I was doing for 40 days inspired me to complete the 40 days even more. I was exercising and it’s good for my health. It made me remember how much I enjoyed exercising in the past and got me back into my routine. The 40 Day Plan lets you know that it’s possible to commit and complete a task and makes you aware of how important something is to you. Thanks for pointing out The 40 Plan. I’m still exercising! I feel successful and realize what’s important in my life.” Jennifer Walden Houston, TX

At first I was unclear of the purpose of The 40 Day Plan, but after I started, I found it made me focus every single day I was on The 40 Day Plan. I really liked the inspirational quotes for each day in the journal. The 40 Day Plan helped me develop discipline, focus, organization, time management and end procrastination. I recommend The 40 Day Plan to anyone who’s ever started something and didn’t finish.
BN… Atlanta, GA

Tuning Up Life/ My Testimony
Every day in life I am faced with decisions. Decisions on everyday activities, decisions on trying to stay focused on staying on the right track on reaching my goals, and decisions on just doing me. Obstacles come our way when we have to make decisions and they can be very stressful. Having someone else’s advice on a professional level has helped me deal with those obstacles and has made them less stressful. It has allowed me to be able to view and put things in a different prospective. I feel like that helped me to make the right decisions. I actually felt good about making them at the time I made them, instead of waiting to see if I was going to feel good about them. This gave me more confidence of being in control, total control of me. Now I am more relaxed and less anxious about everything. I also was able to come up with some more ideas of what I want in life and some ideas on how to go about accomplishing my goals. Now I am able to communicate and express my feelings more freely with everyone. This experience has really has helped me to become a much better person. I am so grateful to have had this professional help and appreciate the new me along with the friendship we have. Thanks Regenna London!
C Levins