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The Forty Day Plan

The Forty Day Plan


The Forty Day Plan is a combination of tools designed to help you TUNE IN ON YOUR LIFE like never before.

The Forty Day Plan is five weeks and five days of focus on YOU and it starts with knowing where you are in life right now.  Like that sign in the mall…YOU ARE HERE.

The Forty Day Plan taps your creative energy with the use of a vision board, journaling, combined with commitment and action so that you can achieve your heart’s desire.

With The Forty Day Plan You Will:

  • Examine key areas in life  

  • Rate your current level of satisfaction

  • Choose a goal(s)

  • Create a vision

  • Take action

  • Document daily successes

With The 40 Day Plan, you choose a goal you want to accomplish or something you want to implement in your life and every day you take action towards what you want in life; for example:
Spend 30 minutes a day working on your business idea, or an hour a day writing a novel, or  15 minutes a day exercising, or devote time to reading spiritual or personal development material, learning a new skill, or enhancing a current skill. Eat a salad everyday and drink water…
Whatever you choose to do, is taking action to make your life better.

One easy effective 40 day plan is to simply write your thoughts everyday…this alone will expand your life (find out more about that here).

It’s important is that you set realistic goals you can accomplish every day, rain or shineno matter what!   You can always do more, so choose what you know you can and are willing to do.

The Forty Day Plan brings awareness of your current level of satisfaction in life and walks with you through Change…one day at a time.
Even if you are in a good place, if life can taste sweeter with a little bit of effort, aren’t you worth it?

Living a better life is more than lip service.  It’s taking action, it’s being willing, it’s having a vision, a plan, a desire, and a passion to create something more than your current circumstance whatever that is.”

Living better is being committed to more of what brings you joy in this moment and taking steps to know what that means for you and allowing it to happen in your world.

So how about it?… Are you willing to take a stand, to commit to your life in a way like never before?


When should you start?
There’s no time but now!


Order Your Forty Day Plan right now and get on your journey.

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, Begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

 I’ll see you on the journey!

Regenna London
Life Coach
Creator of The Forty Day