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This Is It ….

This Is It ….

by RegennaL on September 30, 2014

You finally got that something you’ve been longing for.

You feel incredible happiness in the moment, and maybe it lasts for several days, or months but slowly the initial excitement wears down and you settle into the routine of  ‘IT’.40dayPlanPicture
This is Life.  Something new becomes old, but that doesn’t mean it’s no longer good.  What it means is that you have the opportunity to deepen the value of this ‘GIFT‘.

So you get that new job or promotion – or a special new someone in your life – or a new convertible, or new house, or book published, or CD recorded, or lose 100 pounds … ENJOY the moments.

And when it starts to gets old and feel routine…breath new life into your ‘GIFT’, by giving it time, attention, and energy.  Ask yourself:

How can I do to deepen my skill level in this position?
What can I do to become a better lover and friend in this relationship?
How can I maintain the value of my vehicle?
What more can I do to make my body healthier?

Getting what you’ve always wanted brings endless opportunities for MORE of what you’ve always wanted.  And that’s the real gift.   But to get more, you have to give MORE.

When you stop giving…well consider this:

Drive your new car forever with no maintenance and be assured it will leave you on side of the road.

Lose 100 pounds and stop being mindful of your diet and exercise and be assured those pounds will creep back.

Don’t spend quality time with the new person in your life and be assured the relationship will be unfulfilling.

How often do you get exactly what you want?  Right- not often enough, so when you get it…treasure it.  This is it!

Enjoy Life Today

Yours In Love

Regenna London
Life Coach and Creator of The Forty Day Plan








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