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Watch Out!

Watch Out!

by RegennaL on January 19, 2016

When you’re on the mission of living life better you will be tested.  You will face obstacles even if you’re not on a mission to live life better,- the difference is in how you deal with obstacles in life.

There’s a person whom I love dearly that is fighting cancer – again.  After the initial shock, the response was, “Let me get ready for this fight.”  These are not the words of a victim. This is facing obstacles from a position of power.

It’s easy to fall into woe is me mentality, especially when confronted with major life impacting issues, like health, loss of income, heartbreaks etc.  So watch out – and get ready to fight for a better life.

When you’re committed to living life better – the choice to fight for what you want is your mission possible. It’s the choice of champions!  Yes it is.





Sending lots of hugs and love today.

Regenna Life Coach London
Creator of The Forty Day Plan

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