I’m Connected

The Forty Day Plan connects your attention to your intentions.

Day 40 of The Forty Day Plan
It’s here folks. My final post for this forty day plan and I have grown like a weed. Those 40 days were an opportunity to really look at how I AM BEHAVING and I found room for lots of growth and that’s what I did.

Two cards fell out during my shuffle. Way to end the Forty Days – Trust and Listen.

Barbara Faisons Relax, Listen and Trust Your Inner Guidance card deck!

Moments Matter – Power Connect
My cards from Barbara Faison Relax, Listen and Trust Your Inner Guidance card deck for today are:

“How can I take a MOMENT for MYSELF today?

Take Me To The Water

This has been ONE BUSY MONDAY. This morning I thought I was writing my blog early and chilling out after work but I didn’t even get a chance to pull my card(s) until late this evening. And I’m writing and entertaining a five year old and hey a moment to myself sounds like a long hot shower after the child falls to sleep. Taking a moment is what you make it.

It’s Bananas
“My CONNECTION to my HIGHER POWER sustains me

Oh what haven’t I said already? I’m CONNECTED to the SOURCE of ALL THERE IS. And so are YOU and guess what else IS besides everything?

That’s right. Bananas share about 60% of the same DNA as humans! I found this out on NOOM (google it).

The POWER of the UNIVERSE sustains ME and as I continue this journey through life of earth, I AM GRATEFUL for what I KNOW TO BE TRUE for ME.

I’m about living life better, and trusting, listening, questioning and RELAXING as this life’s experience gets better and betterrrrrrr.
LiFe is SO BeAUTiFuL