I’m Safe!

Day 36 of The Forty Day Plan
Life is all about moments. One minute you’re running like crazy to reach home, not knowing if you’ll get there safely, or if you’ll be called out for some foolishness.
I often think about the day before my sister had a pain that would turn into a cancer diagnosis.
What was that day like?
Did we relish the moments when life felt really good?

All Is Well With My Soul
Today I pulled a TRUST card from Barbara Faison’s Relax, Listen, and Trust Your Inner Guidance card deck:
“I am SAFE and ALL is WELL in my WORLD”.
Just reading those words envokes a feeling of well being throughout my body. I Inhale and Exhale slowly and give myself a big hug.

It feels good on a Thursday evening after a long day in the office and in spite of sad news today, I know I’m safe. And in these moments, I cherish memories and tune in to my heart full of love and gratitude that she was in my life for her season.

Over the past few days I have prayed for a miracle and I’m not disappointed at how life turned out. I KNOW THERE IS DIVINE ORDER IN THE UNIVERSE. I’m proud that I held a space open for the possibility of a miracle and that I didn’t get frantic with “will it happen or not”.
Now my Auntie is on the other side, and I will miss everything about this woman’s physical presence. There will be moments of tears and moments of sweet memories, and through it all I will be okay. I will hold everything we are to each other in this timless infinity of Being. And so it is.

Yvonne Perkins-Love Infinity. A Perfect Auntie.