Why A Hug?

Day 37 of The Forty Day Plan
I do Forty Day Plans because I intend to live life better and forty days is a SMALL investment for living life better.

Today’s card from Barbara Faison’s Relax, Listen and Trust Your Inner Guidance card deck is:

“I Give Myself A Big Hug”

I pulled this card on December 25th 2021, a day spent with family. I was sooooo sick that I wouldn’t dare hug anyone and give them those germs.

Today I am nursing a heart break as my dear Auntie has tranisitioned from the physical yesterday, January 20, 2022.

I saw my Auntie on December 26th, 2021. She was excited and happy to see me and this woman has given me Christmas gifts for as many years that I’ve been home for the holidays, and that’s a lot of gifts.

But the best gift of course is her loving heart. I will cherish the talks, the laughter, the advice, and the way she calms me down when I’m worried about her sister who is my Mama.
Because of COVID I did not hug my Auntie when I last saw her, just out of precaution. That part hurts.

Virtual hugs suck.


Today I hug myself and I get five year old hugs, lots of them. And I cherish this human touch. It feels good. AND there is science that says HUGS reduce stress, help you feel safe, reduces pain, boosts heart health, reduces fear, and more.

This Forty Day Plan with Barbara’s card deck as inspiration has opened my eyes to the LOVE I CAN GIVE MYSELF and I’m grateful to have her as a friend and when I see her again…I”M HUGGING!

Live Life Better