Love Is

Day 39 of The Forty Day Plan
Inhale, Exhale, Smile. I feel love in the rise and fall of my chest. It’s these cards by Barbara Faison, that’s got me in my FEELINGS.

I’m just amazed at how much I’ve learned about myself during these last 39 days. I really thought I was more in tune with who I AM before I started this 40 days, but these cards have provoked thought, and shed light on the fact that I could be doing so much more self care. And KNOWING is step one to making a CHANGE.

It’s the LAW
It’s day 39 of the Forty Day Plan and todays card is a TRUST card from Barbara Faisons Relax,Listen and Trust Your Inner Guidance card deck.
This is a sweet card and it’s TRUE. I’m all that. I remember exclaiming to Mom about all the help I was receiving around a certain situation. Mom said, “Good things happen to good people”. I tell you that was one proud moment for me.
When I look at the people in my “Universe”, I know I am Loved. I’m beyond gracious for the LOVE I have for so many humans in my direct orbit.
At the end of this physical life, even if that is today, I can say with certainty that LOVE IS ALL THERE IS.
I learned from Martha Novak that life is experienced on the spectrum of LOVE – from the fullness of God to the absence of GOD (the Creator, the Universe or whatever name you use for the CREATOR of all there is).
And it makes sense to me. I live best when I am fully embracing the MIRACLE of BEING HERE NOW. And in spite of whatever crazy HUMAN SHIT going on in the world, that I can CHOOSE the fullness of GOD. I want all the LOVE, the highest ENERGY there IS, and I intend to practice choosing love.

On the eve of this Forty Day Plan, I wish you LOVE, PEACE, and JOY.

LIVE LIFE BETTER … (and enjoy some Love Love Love)