I’m Connected

The Forty Day Plan connects your attention to your intentions.

Day 40 of The Forty Day Plan
It’s here folks. My final post for this forty day plan and I have grown like a weed. Those 40 days were an opportunity to really look at how I AM BEHAVING and I found room for lots of growth and that’s what I did.

Two cards fell out during my shuffle. Way to end the Forty Days – Trust and Listen.

Barbara Faisons Relax, Listen and Trust Your Inner Guidance card deck!

Moments Matter – Power Connect
My cards from Barbara Faison Relax, Listen and Trust Your Inner Guidance card deck for today are:

“How can I take a MOMENT for MYSELF today?

Take Me To The Water

This has been ONE BUSY MONDAY. This morning I thought I was writing my blog early and chilling out after work but I didn’t even get a chance to pull my card(s) until late this evening. And I’m writing and entertaining a five year old and hey a moment to myself sounds like a long hot shower after the child falls to sleep. Taking a moment is what you make it.

It’s Bananas
“My CONNECTION to my HIGHER POWER sustains me

Oh what haven’t I said already? I’m CONNECTED to the SOURCE of ALL THERE IS. And so are YOU and guess what else IS besides everything?

That’s right. Bananas share about 60% of the same DNA as humans! I found this out on NOOM (google it).

The POWER of the UNIVERSE sustains ME and as I continue this journey through life of earth, I AM GRATEFUL for what I KNOW TO BE TRUE for ME.

I’m about living life better, and trusting, listening, questioning and RELAXING as this life’s experience gets better and betterrrrrrr.
LiFe is SO BeAUTiFuL


Love Is

Day 39 of The Forty Day Plan
Inhale, Exhale, Smile. I feel love in the rise and fall of my chest. It’s these cards by Barbara Faison, that’s got me in my FEELINGS.

I’m just amazed at how much I’ve learned about myself during these last 39 days. I really thought I was more in tune with who I AM before I started this 40 days, but these cards have provoked thought, and shed light on the fact that I could be doing so much more self care. And KNOWING is step one to making a CHANGE.

It’s the LAW
It’s day 39 of the Forty Day Plan and todays card is a TRUST card from Barbara Faisons Relax,Listen and Trust Your Inner Guidance card deck.
This is a sweet card and it’s TRUE. I’m all that. I remember exclaiming to Mom about all the help I was receiving around a certain situation. Mom said, “Good things happen to good people”. I tell you that was one proud moment for me.
When I look at the people in my “Universe”, I know I am Loved. I’m beyond gracious for the LOVE I have for so many humans in my direct orbit.
At the end of this physical life, even if that is today, I can say with certainty that LOVE IS ALL THERE IS.
I learned from Martha Novak that life is experienced on the spectrum of LOVE – from the fullness of God to the absence of GOD (the Creator, the Universe or whatever name you use for the CREATOR of all there is).
And it makes sense to me. I live best when I am fully embracing the MIRACLE of BEING HERE NOW. And in spite of whatever crazy HUMAN SHIT going on in the world, that I can CHOOSE the fullness of GOD. I want all the LOVE, the highest ENERGY there IS, and I intend to practice choosing love.

On the eve of this Forty Day Plan, I wish you LOVE, PEACE, and JOY.

LIVE LIFE BETTER … (and enjoy some Love Love Love)


Sho’ You Right

The Forty Day Plan IS RIGHT for Living Life Better

Day 38 of The Forty Day Plan

Only two more days and I will have 40 blogs under my belt. And for me, that’s BIG and I owe it to The Forty Day Plan. This is where commitment and intention form a beautiful relationship.

The other awesomeness of this Forty Day Plan is the cards that have inspired my posts by Barbara Faison. Her Relax, Listen and Trust Your Inner Guidance card deck have raised my level of awareness around self care. That is a gift that will keep on giving. Amen.

That’s Right
I just love todays’s card. It’s a TRUST card and it’s right on time.
“The RIGHT PEOPLE and RESOURCES show up at just the RIGHT TIME”

I trust the process of life. It’s feels comforting to KNOW that things are always working out for me, sometimes in the most unimaginable ways. I shared early in this Forty Day blogs series that I was looking for a new career opportunity and it hasn’t happened yet.
But the SWEET part is I’m not stressing. I’m good where I AM, knowing that what’s for me is for me when the time is right. Now that’s a cool space to BE. Sho’ You Right!



Why A Hug?

Day 37 of The Forty Day Plan
I do Forty Day Plans because I intend to live life better and forty days is a SMALL investment for living life better.

Today’s card from Barbara Faison’s Relax, Listen and Trust Your Inner Guidance card deck is:

“I Give Myself A Big Hug”

I pulled this card on December 25th 2021, a day spent with family. I was sooooo sick that I wouldn’t dare hug anyone and give them those germs.

Today I am nursing a heart break as my dear Auntie has tranisitioned from the physical yesterday, January 20, 2022.

I saw my Auntie on December 26th, 2021. She was excited and happy to see me and this woman has given me Christmas gifts for as many years that I’ve been home for the holidays, and that’s a lot of gifts.

But the best gift of course is her loving heart. I will cherish the talks, the laughter, the advice, and the way she calms me down when I’m worried about her sister who is my Mama.
Because of COVID I did not hug my Auntie when I last saw her, just out of precaution. That part hurts.

Virtual hugs suck.


Today I hug myself and I get five year old hugs, lots of them. And I cherish this human touch. It feels good. AND there is science that says HUGS reduce stress, help you feel safe, reduces pain, boosts heart health, reduces fear, and more.

This Forty Day Plan with Barbara’s card deck as inspiration has opened my eyes to the LOVE I CAN GIVE MYSELF and I’m grateful to have her as a friend and when I see her again…I”M HUGGING!

Live Life Better


I’m Safe!

Day 36 of The Forty Day Plan
Life is all about moments. One minute you’re running like crazy to reach home, not knowing if you’ll get there safely, or if you’ll be called out for some foolishness.
I often think about the day before my sister had a pain that would turn into a cancer diagnosis.
What was that day like?
Did we relish the moments when life felt really good?

All Is Well With My Soul
Today I pulled a TRUST card from Barbara Faison’s Relax, Listen, and Trust Your Inner Guidance card deck:
“I am SAFE and ALL is WELL in my WORLD”.
Just reading those words envokes a feeling of well being throughout my body. I Inhale and Exhale slowly and give myself a big hug.

It feels good on a Thursday evening after a long day in the office and in spite of sad news today, I know I’m safe. And in these moments, I cherish memories and tune in to my heart full of love and gratitude that she was in my life for her season.

Over the past few days I have prayed for a miracle and I’m not disappointed at how life turned out. I KNOW THERE IS DIVINE ORDER IN THE UNIVERSE. I’m proud that I held a space open for the possibility of a miracle and that I didn’t get frantic with “will it happen or not”.
Now my Auntie is on the other side, and I will miss everything about this woman’s physical presence. There will be moments of tears and moments of sweet memories, and through it all I will be okay. I will hold everything we are to each other in this timless infinity of Being. And so it is.

Yvonne Perkins-Love Infinity. A Perfect Auntie.

Knock Knock

Knocking on Day 35 of the Forty Day Plan

Day 35 of The Forty Day Plan
I am fortunate to have a circle of wise counsel and support (and Google) in my life.
My card today is a repeat from Barbara Faisons Relax, Listen and Trust Your Inner Guidance card deck.
“Who Can I Reach Out to for Widsom and Support?”
My first thought was it’s the same folks that I instantly thought of when I pulled this card a few days ago. So why this card again Universe?

I’ve lived long enough to have experienced major life events like death of a parent and sibling. Throw in a little divorce, and moving out of the country, and back into the country and buying and selling homes and financial ups and downs. It can feel overwelming especially if you’re going it alone, so I don’t take it lightly that I have a great circle.

When I reach out for widsom and support, I still OWN MY CHOICES. I’m the first person responsible for how I live in this world. I honor wise counsel and support, and I honor my INNER GUIDANCE to lead me down this road of life.

Knock Knock...Who’s There?
I’m here for me, and that’s no joke.
Even with a fab circle, this old Serenity Prayer feels like widsom and support we can all embrace.
 God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.


I’m Here, Relaxing

Relaxing is an ACTION.

Day 34 of The Forty Day Plan

Ever notice that when you get close to that vacation date, wedding date, birthday day, etc, that TIME speeds up?

I know it’s not just me, and this forty days of FOCUS will soon be complete. December 16, 2021 sounds like so long ago, and here I am today, a better writer than I was 34 days ago.

Relax, Listen and Trust Your Inner Guidance Cards by Barbara Faison


Today’s card from Barbara Faison’s Relax, Listen and Trust Your Inner Guidance card deck is:
“I ACCEPT where I AM in my life RIGHT NOW”

I’ve pulled this card before on this journey. This time I know it is speaking to the emotional space I AM in RIGHT NOW.
Today’s card, also a Relax card, reminds me that when I ACCEPT WHERE I AM, it’s easier to RELAX even in the midst of heartbreak.

Self Care is a good place to visit often.


I’m feeling quiet, stillness, comfort foods and I accept it. I had the opportunity to relax today and it’s been a musical, free style dancing day in my big heavy robe (it weighs about three pounds).

I intend to continue to care for me, like a best friend does, and each day, I will BE BETTER – RIGHT WHERE I AM.
And so it is. Enjoy the song.


Everything will be alright.

Listen – Relax

Day 33 of The Forty Day Plan
Inhale – Exhale folks. Today is when I experience the real power of commitment. Today I am feeling sad, and it’s hard to stop the tears, but I’m gonna write this blog.

The Universe gave me too cards today from Barbara Faisons Relax, Listen and Trust Your Inner Guidance card deck.
The first one is a LISTEN card and it fell out in the shuffle with this message:
” I Give Myself Grace”

The second card I pulled from the deck, and it’s a RELAX card:
I Know it’s OKAY not to have ANSWERS right now”

It’s when the going gets tough that I like to crawl in the bed with something soft, and sweet to eat while watching Bridget Jones or something mindless that has a happy ending.

This morning my brother reminded me that if you love somebody, that you will experience pain in your life. And I know this, but it was nice for big brother to have the right words at the right time.

I’ve pulled both these cards before, and today they speak to the news I would receive later in the morning that my loved one is at the end our her journey here on earth. And I know we are “born to die“, but this feels horrible.

So today I will give myself the grace of allowing tears to fall when they fall. And I don’t know why HER and that’s okay too.

I don’t have too much to say here folks except that we don’t know what will happen in any day. And just last week she was planning a funeral for her best friend, and now… Inhale – Exhale.

Whatever you want to do, experience, see on this side, make the time and DO IT NOW, or at least KNOW WHAT THAT IS.



From Ear to Ear

The Forty Day Plan makes me smile.

Day 32 of The Forty Day Plan
Oh the weather outside is delightful. It’s been four years since it snowed in our area, and I’m loving it. Snow makes me smile…or is it my childhood memories of snow that has me all giddy?

I guess it really doesn’t matter why I’m smiling. Smiling feels good and I intend to do more to make myself smile.

Relax, Listen and Trust Your Inner Guidance card deck

Today’s card from Barbara Faison’s Relax, Listen and Trust Your Inner Guidance card deck is:

I Smile at Myself”

Toot -toot…it’s me about to smile at myself. Inhale, exhale, smile. It’s still challenging to toot my own horn, after-all, I was raised to believe that was vanity and being vain was not a good thing.

Now I can think of plenty not-so-flattering ways that I’ve made myself smile- BUT – there’s enough life stuff to bring me down without my two cents.

When the card says ” I Smile at Myself”, I can’t help but acknowledge how much I’ve grown as a HUMAN being on earth.

I smile at myself because I still believe in Santa.
I smile at myself because I love snow in the south.
I smile at myself because I see magic in babies.
I smile at myself because I sing with passion.
I smile at myself because I love sunsets on the ocean.
I smile at myself because I know to appreciate the sound of my mothers 84 year old voice.
I smile at myself because I will complete another forty days of focus and I AM living my life better.

And THAT IS ENOUGH make me smile from ear to ear. Ya hear me!

Live Life Better


Who Do You Call?

Day 31 of The Forty Day Plan
I’m approaching the end of another Forty Day Plan and it feels good to fulfill this commitment, but it also feels good to not be committed to doing something.

And that is the power of The Forty Day Plan. It takes you at your word, and you make TIME for what’s important to you.
I’m a better writer because of the many many 40 day’s I’ve committed
to writing. And it’s important to me, so I will continue to hone my craft.

Today’s card from Barbara Faisons Relax, Listen and Trust Your Inner Guidance card deck is:
“Who can I Reach Out to for Wisdom and Support”.
I am fortunate to have a group of humans in my life that offer me the support I desire. Some are family by blood, some are family by love.

I don’t reach out to all of my group with the same question/issue or support needs. We all have area’s where we shine, so I know who to go to for what, and when to seek additional support outside of my “group”.

Help Me Not
I have too many years of Information Technology support under my belt, for friends and family NOT to CALL ME WITH issues.
This knowledge has also prevented me from calling any help desk unless I’ve spent hours exhausting myself without a solution – in the past.

Growing is a beautiful thing. I value my time. And when I need support or help, believe me I’m asking.

A BIG Thanks TO MY GROUP, for all your loving support. Thanks for answering my calls! Here’s a little song for ya!