Who Do You Call?

Day 31 of The Forty Day Plan
I’m approaching the end of another Forty Day Plan and it feels good to fulfill this commitment, but it also feels good to not be committed to doing something.

And that is the power of The Forty Day Plan. It takes you at your word, and you make TIME for what’s important to you.
I’m a better writer because of the many many 40 day’s I’ve committed
to writing. And it’s important to me, so I will continue to hone my craft.

Today’s card from Barbara Faisons Relax, Listen and Trust Your Inner Guidance card deck is:
“Who can I Reach Out to for Wisdom and Support”.
I am fortunate to have a group of humans in my life that offer me the support I desire. Some are family by blood, some are family by love.

I don’t reach out to all of my group with the same question/issue or support needs. We all have area’s where we shine, so I know who to go to for what, and when to seek additional support outside of my “group”.

Help Me Not
I have too many years of Information Technology support under my belt, for friends and family NOT to CALL ME WITH issues.
This knowledge has also prevented me from calling any help desk unless I’ve spent hours exhausting myself without a solution – in the past.

Growing is a beautiful thing. I value my time. And when I need support or help, believe me I’m asking.

A BIG Thanks TO MY GROUP, for all your loving support. Thanks for answering my calls! Here’s a little song for ya!