Knock Knock

Knocking on Day 35 of the Forty Day Plan

Day 35 of The Forty Day Plan
I am fortunate to have a circle of wise counsel and support (and Google) in my life.
My card today is a repeat from Barbara Faisons Relax, Listen and Trust Your Inner Guidance card deck.
“Who Can I Reach Out to for Widsom and Support?”
My first thought was it’s the same folks that I instantly thought of when I pulled this card a few days ago. So why this card again Universe?

I’ve lived long enough to have experienced major life events like death of a parent and sibling. Throw in a little divorce, and moving out of the country, and back into the country and buying and selling homes and financial ups and downs. It can feel overwelming especially if you’re going it alone, so I don’t take it lightly that I have a great circle.

When I reach out for widsom and support, I still OWN MY CHOICES. I’m the first person responsible for how I live in this world. I honor wise counsel and support, and I honor my INNER GUIDANCE to lead me down this road of life.

Knock Knock...Who’s There?
I’m here for me, and that’s no joke.
Even with a fab circle, this old Serenity Prayer feels like widsom and support we can all embrace.
 God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.