Listen – Relax

Day 33 of The Forty Day Plan
Inhale – Exhale folks. Today is when I experience the real power of commitment. Today I am feeling sad, and it’s hard to stop the tears, but I’m gonna write this blog.

The Universe gave me too cards today from Barbara Faisons Relax, Listen and Trust Your Inner Guidance card deck.
The first one is a LISTEN card and it fell out in the shuffle with this message:
” I Give Myself Grace”

The second card I pulled from the deck, and it’s a RELAX card:
I Know it’s OKAY not to have ANSWERS right now”

It’s when the going gets tough that I like to crawl in the bed with something soft, and sweet to eat while watching Bridget Jones or something mindless that has a happy ending.

This morning my brother reminded me that if you love somebody, that you will experience pain in your life. And I know this, but it was nice for big brother to have the right words at the right time.

I’ve pulled both these cards before, and today they speak to the news I would receive later in the morning that my loved one is at the end our her journey here on earth. And I know we are “born to die“, but this feels horrible.

So today I will give myself the grace of allowing tears to fall when they fall. And I don’t know why HER and that’s okay too.

I don’t have too much to say here folks except that we don’t know what will happen in any day. And just last week she was planning a funeral for her best friend, and now… Inhale – Exhale.

Whatever you want to do, experience, see on this side, make the time and DO IT NOW, or at least KNOW WHAT THAT IS.