The Road Is Life

There are many, many roads in life.
So many in fact, that we will never travel
all of the possible routes available.
Yet All Roads Lead Home.

All Roads Lead Home.

And where is home?
It’s the place you believe you go when you leave your physical body, and that includes “anywhere or nowhere”.

And while we all have our beliefs regarding where “home” is,
there’s one thing I know for sure. We all die to get “home”.

Since none of us know the day, hour, or minute the departure of our physical body will occur, doesn’t it make sense then that we attempt
to live life to the fullest in every moment?


What Will You Do With Five More Days?

The road to your innermost desires starts here.

We tend to take TIME for granted but I believe TIME is our most precious resource.
How you spend your time, is your choice, but doesn’t it make sense to reach for more experiences that bring us peace, joy and happiness?
Knowing without hesitation what you want to experience in life makes it easier to obtain. It’s time to focus on you!

Regenna London creator of The Forty Day Plan.


Here I Go Again!

When you believe that life is not fair and that no matter what you do, you will always end up with the short end of the stick, the universe will deliver you that experience over and over and over again.

But if you’re really smart like me, you will use logic and come to the conclusion that Life Is Not Fair.
That’s where I was on December 16th, 2007, sitting in country church, listening to a sermon with my Mom about doing something for forty days and blah blah blah. At this stage in my life I was convinced that most religious folks didn’t know the difference between spirituality and practicing religion. Church was a place I went when visiting home mostly because I follow my Mom around like a puppy, and I found church entertaining. I sat there that Sunday morning waiting for the preacher to say something contradicting they very WORD they preached to country folks. The truth as I look back on it now, is that I was being an ass.

WD-40 versus Black Jesus
The service was just what I expected – good singing, praying, a couple of offering then on to the sermon.

Pastor Tinsley holds up a can of WD-40 and asks if we knew what it was. Well, of course we all have cans (or should) of WD-40 in our life.
He then asked if we knew what the WD represented. Not one hand shot up and people weren’t using smart phones like that in 2007.

Next question:
“What does the 40 in WD-40 represent?” Well I didn’t know and neither did any of the 70 to 80 folks in the pews and choir stand.
I was intrigued, because smart people like to know all the answers. Mom passed me peppermint and I waited to see what WD-40 had to do with Black Jesus and Christmas.

Black Jesus Adult Swim

 WD-40 stands for Water Displacement, 40th formula. 
The year was 1953 and a staff of three attempted to create rust-prevention solvents and degreasers for use in the aerospace industry. In 1958 WD-40 hit the shelves, and as of 2018 sales surpassed 400 million. It’s sold in more than 176 countries and territories around the world, and is a common household name.
What if those three staffers had stopped on the the 20th try, or the 39th try?

But what about Black Jesus?
The sermon wasn’t about Black Jesus at all. Pastor Tinsley challenged the congregation to pick something, do it was 40 days and that it would change your life.

Challenged accepted!
I started that same day to prove to myself and the world that it was NOT MY FAULT that my life sucked big time. It’s laughable now that my motivation was to prove him wrong, but here I am, thirteen years later, doing another 40 days. Another five weeks, and five days of taking specific actions – no matter what – to make my experience on earth better.

I journaled for 40 days.

My first 40 day action was to journal for 40 days. Not only did I journal, I completed 40 days of exercise and created a business from scratch. It changed my life and I began to share the concept with everyone. In 2011, I used the 40 days to created my baby “The 40 Day Plan”. A tool to help you focus and take action so we can live life better.

What can WD-40 do?

WD-40 was used in Asia to remove a python from the undercarriage of a bus. Police officers used WD-40 to remove a naked burglar trapped in an air conditioning vent.
Pastor Tinsley used WD-40, to open my heart to the truth that universal law of attraction works on whatever you focus on.

To learn more about WD-40 click below.

Dr. Stacy Patton Leading Digital Media Bawse’s to Greatness.

I’ve been journaling mostly everyday since Dec, 16th, 2007 and I have done great things for my life including getting certified as a life coach, personal trainer and group fitness instructor. I’ve created websites, written many blogs and started several writing projects, but this Gemini mind has a lot of unfinished projects.
In in walks Dr. Stacy Patton, (She doesn’t know I call her my Harriet Tubman). Well she offers a free class and the universe decided that since I had not backed up my prior blogs, and my hosting expired, and I cannot get years of blogs back….that this is the perfect time to start a new site with updated technology with a group of Digital Media Bawse bad asses.

He got a Forty Day Plan!

The Forty Day Plan
December 16, 2020 is day one of another forty days. I more than believe that the universe gives you what you focus on. Over the last thirteen years I’ve completed 40 day plans when my heart was breaking, when my funds were low, when everything was going right and wrong, and my life is better because of my FOCUS in spite of.
I’m posting today and I can hardly wait to see what a Digital Media Bawse Bad Ass will create over the next forty days.
Below is a video I created six years ago. I look back and smile at how much energy I had then and how this baby boomer is the student of a millennial, learning new technology. There’s a saying that “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, but maybe I will give up my android and Windows for a MAC and Iphone…but I doubt it.