Say you want to live life better?

You can live life better in this moment just by taking a few deep breathes. Do it – Inhale, filling up those lungs, hold it in, count to four, then slowly release the breath. Lungs love this, it’s what they’re born to do.

All you got to do is breathe.

It’s Not Complicated
There’s tons of simple actions you can take today to live life better. You can pick up a pen and write your thoughts for ten minutes. Light a candle, make up your bed, eat a delicious meal, straighten up that pile of mail. The smallest action can make life better, so the ball in your court. It’s always been in your court.
One of ways I tune up my life is to surround myself with things that make my heart feel happy. Take a look and maybe it’ll make your life better in this moment. I hope so! Enjoy the show.