Amazing Grace

Day 11 of The Forty Day Plan.

I’m home. Nothing feels better to me than my own bed. I know lots of folks who agree that it feels amazing to return home after a trip and sink into the familiar comforts of home.

There’s nothing more I’d like to do than take a hot shower, drink an adult beverage and crash for the next twelve hours. BUT FIRST, I made a commitment to blog so here I am. Second. I have the worst cold, so medicine over vodka. Third– It would be amazing to sleep for 12 hours but I’m sure I won’t.

Life happens. Things come up. We are busy. It’s always something, but that is the power of committing to 40 Days of Focus.

From Barbara Faison’s Card Deck:

Today’s Card: What in my life is AMAZING?

My bed is amazing. Also my family and friends are amazing. The universe is amazing. The way my body will heal from this cold is amazing. Spending time with my MOM is always amazing. Being home is amazing.

Amazing is what you make it.

Amazing Grace
I’m Grateful for my life and how I live. I’m grateful that when I’ve walked through the darkest hours in this life’s journey, that I came out with my heart intact, and my mind strong and determined.

Thanks to Barbara Faison for her card deck which is the inspiration for this Forty Day Plan. You can check out her offering here!

PS: Enjoy This Amazing Treat.