Play That Funky Music

Day 12 of The Forty Day Plan
The Forty Day Plan can be applied to anything, and this Forty Days is devoted to Barbara Faisons Relax and Trust Your Guidance Card Deck.

Today’s card:
I Play Music that Feels Good to Me.
My body is in recovery mode from the mean ole common cold and I tell you I haven’t felt this miserable in quite a while. So today’s card is right on time because MUSIC is a powerful way to change your energy, and that’s exactly what I’ve done today. I have used music to motivate this body to move around and I FEEL BETTER.

Today’s card: I Play Music that Feels Good to me.

I won’t get too technical here, but research has shown that listening to music can reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and pain as well as improve sleep quality, mood, mental alertness, and memory.
THERE’S MORE, so google it if you want. And think about how you feel when you listen to certain music. I used to play Tupac’s All Eyes on Me when I wanted to VENT. I haven’t had to play that in a while.

All this to say, figure out how you want to feel…find the music, play it and feel it. One song I play a lot is HAPPY by Pharrell Williams, because HAPPY is a FEELING I want MORE OF. You dig?