5- 7-18-20 Testing

Relax, Listen and Trust Your Inner Guidance by Barbara J. Faison

Day 20 of The Forty Day Plan
Card of the day: My Inner Guidance takes me where I need to be NEXT.

It’s All About The Shuffle.
Really card deck. I shuffle, cut, shuffle, cut again and again, then fan the cards out and pull one. This is the 4th time I’ll pulled this card in 20 days from Barbara Faisons Relax, Listen and Trust Your Inner Guidance.

People usually repeat themselves when they want to be SURE that their message is being received and understood.
Personally I get annoyed when someone tells me the same thing over and over. I can’t get annoyed with the my INNER GUIDANCE though. I know there’s a good reason I continue to pull this card out of the throughly shuffled and cut deck.
But but but …Universe I am listening. I swear I AM.

The Forty Day Plan is a tool for living life better!

I’m human. I know change is coming because that is my DESIRE. I have given notice on my part-time gig and I feel a little nervous about that choice EVEN THOUGH I KNOW it’s the right MOVE for me at this TIME.
Human’s like me want to know the next move. I’d like to know how it all works out already. I’d like to see it in writing, that guarentee that what’s NEXT is MORE than I DREAMED OF.
But what if it’s not?

FEAR: Face Everything and Rise OR Forget Everything and Run.

On day 20 of The Forty Day Plan I choose to FACE EVERYTHING AND RISE. I will use my tools like taking three conscious breathes to calm this EGO down. My Inner Being knows my destination and I TRUST HER to bring me out on the other side of this in a delightfully rewarding way.
Pulling the same card repeatedly is the Universal language for PAY ATTENTION to where my ENERY is LIVING.
Today I release any negative thoughts, feeling, fears, and other ugly stuff that’s blocking what’s out there for me. And that is all.