It’s A Turn Off

Day 21 of The Forty Day Plan

When I think about kicking back and relaxing, it never involves turning off my phone.
Now I’m not attached to my phone. I will put it down and walk away mostly because it’s inconvenient to hold when I’m doing life stuff like cleaning, gardening, cooking, etc.

But it is a fact that I never turn off my phone and just tying those words make me go hmmmm and WHY?

Today’s Card: I turn off my device for 15 minutes.

I really wasn’t expecting this card from Barbara Faison’s Relax, Listen and Trust Your Inner Guidance Card deck today. But as usual, it inspires me to take a deeper dive into my relationship with “devices”.

Earlier I said I’m not attached to my phone but when I’m kicked back and relaxing, I usually have the phone close by and I may even engage with it while watching a movie, writing an article, or eating food. And why is that? Am I addicted to my phone?

The Forty Day Plan helps you FOCUS YOUR ATTENTION

I didn’t turn my phone off earlier today but I will do it soon. Today my family member was having surgery a couple of state’s away and I was anxiously waiting for updates and because I told my sister to call me anytime.
Well I got my update. All is well. And Fifteen minutes is not eternity. I will incorporate turning off my phone more often because I don’t like to feel controlled by anything or anybody. And even cell phones need a break.
Fifteen minutes – no phone, no laptop, no TV. Just Me and that feels good.

Enjoy Life Folks