Gracefully Yours

I’m Grateful for The Forty Day Plan

Day 28 of The Forty Day Plan

My first memories of GRACE goes something like this:

“God is great, God is good. Let us thank him for our food. By his hand we all are fed. Give us Lord our daily bread”.

As a child I said this “grace” before meals without a thought to the actual meaning of the words. It was something one memorized and said when asked to say grace before breakfast or dinner.

As I grew older, GRACE meant walking with a book on top of your head so that you exhibited good posture.

Forty Days of Focus Training

Amazing Grace
I know you’ve probably guessed that today’s post is about GRACE and you’re right. My card from Barbara Faisons Relax, Listen and Trust Your Inner Guidance card deck is:
” I GIVE myself GRACE”.

The New Age Of GRACE


Allowing others to think, behave, act, look, believe and be different from me in every imaginable way without judgement.
Say what?
It the without judgement part that gets a bit tricky, because you know, I AM HUMAN.

Mirror Mirror on the wall.

When I look back over the crazy things I’ve done in my youth, as a young adult, as an old adult, I KNOW it is BY GRACE that I have all my limbs and peace of mind today.

I give myself GRACE when I behave different from WHAT I KNOW TO BE TRUE FOR ME AND MY LIFE.

I GIVE myself GRACE without hesitation because:
and I know that
I AM MORE than any ridiculous action I take.
I AM MORE than any regretable choice I make.
I AM MORE than the pettiness that gets me riled up.
I AM MORE than any judgements I make about myself and
other HUMANS.

Enjoy one of my favorite artists folks and LIVE LIFE BETTER
Gratefully Yours