Ain’t That Right

The Forty Day Plan can change your life.

Day 27 of The Forty Day Plan

Don’t you just love it when things fall into place?

But what about Murphy’s law. “ If something can go wrong…it will”.

But what about Universal law? You get what you focus on.

Plain old common sense law. What you believe is TRUE.

I believe that EVERY EXPERIENCE is for our personal growth – bad, good and in between. Accepting life as it is and knowing that even when life feels good, that it can feel better keeps me feeling the awe of BEING HERE NOW.


It’s day 27 of The Forty Day Plan and I love the card I pulled today from Barbara Faisons Relax, Listen and Trust Your Inner Guidance card deck.
“The right people and resources show up at just the right time.”

Pulling this card early in the day was just what I needed to boost my energy and to reinforce what I KNOW to BE TRUE. That there is Divine Order in life and that is comforting.

I can think of sooooo many examples of “RIGHT” timing in my life that I’m comfortable WAITING .

I was contacted for a job with an offshore company and was told it would take at least a month, or longer to process the paperwork. So when I didn’t hear from them in two months I wasn’t concerned. When they finally called I found out the position for the initial job offer had been shelved BUT someone left and I was able to fill that position.

It still took a month to get started BUT I believed I had A Job and I did.
I used to live that stupid Murphy’s law and lots of things didn’t work out the way I desired but how could they when I was looking for trouble?

I wouldn’t trade any bad experiences for the way I See, Feel, and Live on Earth today. What’s for me will show up when IT DOES, and it will be RIGHT ON TIME.