Heart Warming

Something good is working out for me.

Day 23 of The Forty Day Plan

I pulled a RELAX card again and I need to RELAX. Now the old Regenna would be chastising herself for being fussy on a Friday, but I AM HUMAN, and sometimes earth ain’t easy. And today was one of them days.

Relax Already
Today’s card from Barbara Faisons Relax, Listen and Trust Your Inner Guidance Card deck is:
I rub my hands together, place them in my heart space and notice how I feel in my body.
And so I did. I felt warm and comforted. So I did it a couple of times and each time I do it, I feel loved.

The greatest love of all.

Heart Hugs
A heart hug is exactly what my Being craved today and it makes life better. See – it’s that easy to feel better in any moment.

TIP: You don’t have to be in a goofy space to give yourself a hug.

I intend make heart hugs a morning and bedtime routine. It’s the least I can to feel better more of the time.

Pulling this card today was perfect. The Universe has my back, front and is in my heart. Life IS good. And you know that!
Enjoy the song folks – and LIVE LIFE BETTER.