Relax, Listen and Trust Your Inner Guidance

Day 25 of The Forty Day Plan

Here’s what I’d be doing in this moment if I were not on a Forty Day Plan.

1. Going through my closet sorting out things I don’t wear anymore.
2. Putting holiday decorations up in the attic.
3. Washing a load of clothes.
4. Cooking salmon patties
5. Watching football, doing genealogy research, or yard work.
And this is on my day off from work. Curses on the insane human who came up with a 40 hour work week.

There’s always something to do so it’s easy to put your desires LAST.

It’s day 25 of The Forty Day Plan. If the Universe spare’s my physical life, I will reach day 40, and my FOCUS will be on the NEXT dinner, cleaning, bills to pay, or whatever stuff we do in everyday life.

If today WAS my last day on earth,
I certainly wouldn’t want to spend it doing chores. It is IMPORTANT that I spend MORE TIME ENJOYING LIFE MORE.

Today’s card from Barbara Faison’s Relax, Listen and Trust Your Inner Guidance card deck is a repeat. Again I am being lead to RELAX.
“I Rub my hands together, Place them in my heart space and NOTICE how I feel in my body”.

Have You Noticed?

I pulled this card on day 23 and I have been rubbing and hugging and noticing.
But today, I was up and out early. I led a fitness class. Went to several stores looking for something that I didn’t find. Then went by my nieces to pick up something. Made a couple phone calls on my ride home, then arrived home, ate mindfully (kudo’s to me). Then checked on something for my Mom. THEN I PULLED THIS CARDAGAIN.

Girl, sit your behind down and RELAX

I’m not gonna do most of the things on that LIST today. I don’t feel like it and I will honor my body. When I rub my hands, and place them in my heart space I feel the waves of the ocean coming in and going out with each breath.
I feel connected to the CREATOR OF ALL THINGS that temporarily resides in a meat suit who answers to the name Regenna.

The UNIVERSE notices every single dot of IT’S CREATION and that is AMAZING. I’m grateful to notice when I pull the same card twice. We get signs all the time but it’s the NOTICING of these signs that can HELP US LIVE LIFE BETTER. And so it is. Enjoy this time…and check in with your heart space..OFTEN.